“That will make you sick.”

This is one of the first phrases six-year-old Barrett learns because he has celiac sprue, which means he can’t eat cake and bread or even drink milk. Barrett is embarrassed of how different he is from the other kids in his class…until a new kid who also has unusual allergies comes to school. 
At Barrett’s Unusual Ice Cream Party, Barrett and his classmates learn that what makes them different makes them special.
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Joseph is sure that all his troubles at school are because James is out to get him. James tripped him and stole his red crayon—or so he thinks. He can only see things one way. Joseph’s perception needs a change. When Joseph meets Mr. Percy, he learns to see the world in a whole new light. Will he make friends with James thanks to Mr. Percy’s Mysterious Glasses?

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About the Author

Michelle L. King is a former kindergarten teacher and the mother of three children with multiple food intolerances. She lives in Logan, Utah with her husband, Brannon, and her children, Barrett, Abbie, and Kaden. 

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